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Developing Your Business Plan


As an investment bank, we know how to package companies for raising capital.  Our goal is to help client companies maximize their corporate valuations for private or public offerings, mergers or divestitures.  We work with companies and their advisors to fine-tune and articulate their strategy to the financial community.  The result is higher valuations, less dilution, and higher-quality potential investors.


We strive to become the leading supplier of professional-grade business plans and offering prospectus for the financial communities of Los Angeles and New York.  Our target clients are entrepreneurial corporations (both public and private), investment bankers and security law firms.  Target investors are usually strategic partners, angels, venture capitalists, or the public market.

The Problem.  Often business executives are too busy running their companies, or are too close to their operations to draft a professional-grade business plan.  Many business plans are drafted by law firms that well understand securities regulations, but are less comfortable in second-guessing a client’s business strategy.  Too often, business plans (and prospectuses) are excessively compartmentalized and consequently fail to give a compelling case for an investment.  Often, too, the formal business plan is not synchronized with the (i) executive summary, (ii) Offering Prospectus, (iii) financial projections, (iv) PowerPoint presentations, and (v) management’s direct answers.


The Solution.  We roll up our sleeves and becomes a temporary part of your team.  We zoom in on “anomalies” what would otherwise block incoming investors, and work with you and your team to clear them up.  We then masterfully assemble the pieces that the rest of your team can run with:  We draft compelling “black books” that your law firm and investment banker can use to do their jobs.  We also work with your team to help design a family of communication tools ranging from concise executive summaries to effective road-show materials.


Our Focus.  We creates business communication tools that maximize corporate valuation.  We dig deep into corporate strategy to pull out of essential essence as to why a particular deal will work.  We take the 20 to 30 variables surrounding any proposed transaction and weave them into a powerful whole, proving “beyond a shadow of a doubt” why a particular company will succeed even when others before have failed.


Target Projects.  Our client companies range from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs seeking a first round of venture capital to established companies looking for their initial public offering (IPO).  We help corporate behemoths revamp stale 10-Ks, launch fresh acquisitions or mergers (M&A), or divest non-core divisions.  In every case, we increase valuation, we make intangibles more tangible.


Our Expertise.  Imagine being able to bring the expertise of Harvard Business School into your core offering, or the acumen of a Stanford University cum laude economist.  Or the input of a seasoned investment banker.  Add to that the penmanship of an international bestselling business author.  This describes our managing director William Knoke who personally directs each project.


Team Approach.  We work comfortably directly under the CEO or CFO, and form a strong team relationship with your security attorney, investment banker, accountant and other advisors.  We also can provide referrals on an as-needed basis.


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