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Developing a Company's 

Company Valuation Report


We do Fair Market Value (FMV) opinions to determine the value of the enterprise, common or preferred stock, or incentive stock options (ISO).  Our reports comply with IRS Rule 409A Standards.  We have also been qualified as an expert court witness with regard to corporate valuation.


Every Valuation Report is different.  Each project calls for a unique set of tools based on the special circumstances, and what the client is attempting to accomplish.  For example a Fair Market Value (FMV) constitutes an objective third-party valuation suitable for tax or SEC requirements.  However, sometimes clients wish to find a forward-looking rationale to justify a high valuation in dealing with acquisition partners or investors.  In the latter case, we seek to "connect the dots" to articulate a compelling and credible logic to justify maximum valuation on our client's behalf.


Our purpose is to solve problems, and to use watertight logic to delivering a convincing case for the designed purpose.  In addition to the generally accepted valuation standards, we have raised the bar by developing proprietary valuation tools, only used by the Harvard Capital Group.  Unlike our competitors, we do not use a standard cookie-cutter template for each project; to do so, ignores the special circumstances that invariably surround each situation.  Our valuation tools are compelling and powerful.


To give an idea of our quality, below are sample excerpts from a (identity-disguised) incentive stock option (ISO) Valuation Report we did recently, pursuant to IRS Rule 409A.  Again, every project has distinct needs regarding the "burden of proof" and no two books are alike.


As an added benefit, we have found that our Valuation Reports often have sufficient robustness that they provide a solid foundation upon which to subsequently build a full-fledged business plan, or recycle sections into SEC registration filings.

















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