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Harvard Capital Group is a Los Angeles-based private investment bank, focused on private companies involved in equity or equity/debt transactions in the range $3 to $85 million.  For early-stage stage companies, our emphasis includes venture capital, private placements, and strategic investors.  For later-stage companies seeking a liquidity event, we can assist in sell-side M&A transactions, divestitures and arranging an IPO.


As a private investment bank, we bring Wall Street expertise from Stanford/Harvard Business School, precision from Columbia Law School and experience from Goldman Sachs to deals too small for the "bulge bracket" Wall Street firms to consider.  We work intimately with you in five steps spanning strategic planning to deal structure and execution:

  • Improve your strategic plan.

  • Optimize your capital structure and valuation.

  • Develop an effective offering memorandum.

  • Identify and approach investors.

  • Help in final negotiations. 

Most of our clients have revenue from startup to $80 million.  This subgroup of companies is an under-serviced market, one which contains most American businesses.  It is also the group that has the fastest growth potential that savvy investors look for.  Simply put, our business is to accelerate our clients towards a higher value level, and to decrease the risks for incoming investors.  Properly done, this translates to less dilution and the ability to be more selective in choosing investors.





We work with clients on a national basis, and consider projects that span Europe and Asia.

Our Typical Client Profile

  • Privately-held corporation.

  • Current revenue under $80 million.

  • Startup to Mezzanine (pre-IPO) capital.

  • Proprietary technologies.

  • Enormous growth potential.

  • Possibility to dominate a niche.

  • Has a "story" to tell to maximize valuation potential.

Typical Transaction Size:

  • $3 to $85 million equity.

Typical Solutions:

  • Private placement.

  • Venture capital.

  • Strategic alliance.

  • Corporate acquirer.

Our Strengths:

  • Value-added strategic planning.

  • Repositioning company for maximum valuation.

  • Writing business plans & placement memoranda.

  • Streamlining complex strategies and projects.

  • Identifying best-fit investors and structure.

  • Access to capital.

Typical Process:

1.  Strategic analysis of company and industry.

2.  Restructuring business or organization to make more attractive to investors.

3.  Determine appropriate valuation and capital structure.

4.  Identify target investor type.

5.  Draft private placement memorandum.

6.  Approach investors.

7.  Close transaction.

8.  Post-transaction monitoring.

Typical Fee Structure:

  • Value-added retainer.

  • Success fee.

  • Stock or Warrants incentive.

Other Services:

  • Valuations (fair market value opinions).

  • Debt financing on referral basis.

  • Board membership; ongoing value added.


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